Homemade Cranberry muffin practices

Homemade Cranberry muffin practices

Raw materials: low gluten flour 120 grams, 50 grams of butter, sugar 50 grams,

1 eggs, 70 grams of milk,
1 teaspoon of baking powder, 40 grams of Thatnut Cranberry
1, the raw material is prepared.
2, the low gluten flour, baking powder mixed in the bowl.
3, the room temperature softening of the butter into small Ding, into the low powder.
4, gently rub the powder into a chip shape.
5, 6, with fine sugar and 2/3 Cranberry mix gently.
7, 8, and the other to take the bowl, to knock the eggs into a bowl, add milk to stir together,

put the egg milk into the mix the flour, gently stir and mix well. (mix well the wet material

seems to be a bit rough to be)
9, a bowl of buttered baking, then the mixed wet materials are fitted into the mean roasted

bowl (2 / 3 full). Sprinkle into the rest of the cranberry.
10, put in a good oven, middle, lit 180 degrees, 160 degrees, 20 minutes, minutes.
(first preheat the oven, baking time and temperature on the basis of the specific

characteristics of each oven set)

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