Lemon almond Cup Cake

muffin cup machine Raw materials: Sunkist lemon 1 (take the lemon peel) big almond 1 small handful of Vegetable Oil 60ml white granulated sugar 40 grams of eggs a milk 80ml low gluten flour 120 grams baking powder 5 grams of baking soda 1 g
Practices: paper cup making machine
1) vegetable oil into a bowl, add sugar and eggs, with eggbeater stir hit together, then add milk, stir well.
2) the lemon dry wash, rub into powder, into the bowl. Try not to use homemade lemon or lemon peel a little bitter.
3) the flour, baking powder and baking soda mixed with sifted into, with a rubber knife from the bottom to the fold uniform, must not be too circle stirring, lest the bar cake leavened.
4) will sprinkle chopped almonds, stir well, Sheng into the cup, each cup as long as you can at least 8 points.
5) in the early preheat oven, with a 180 degree temperature, bake for 15 minutes or so can be.
Super long winded:
This * * Cup Cake approach is very simple, only need to according to the proportion of raw materials, you will succeed. Does not require any baking skills, but also super time. To give the child a breakfast, or afternoon tea is a very good choice. The taste is especially fond of children.
* * lemon dry cleaned, with a wire brush for these very fine, don’t rub out Oh, otherwise it will affect the taste.
The aroma of lemon peel is hard to compare with other fruits, and it is more suitable to make desserts. But we do not recommend to buy domestic lemon, or lemon peel will be a little bitter taste.
* * after the cake is ready, you can use other fruits together, not only delicious, but also can play the role of decoration.
* * this recipe can do about 7 – 8 a cupcake, one-time do more, is kept in the storage box, refrigerator, a week is no problem.
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