Automatic Paper Tray Box Container Machine

 Newest Automatic Paper Tray Box Container Machine

It can production below products:

Automatic paper lunch box making machine

Making paper lunch box, take away box

Available for single and double PE

Paper Lunch Box  Forming Machine is an automatic machine with the advantage of fast speed,

easy operation and maintenance.

It adopts ceramic hot air (hot air generator) sealing the box 4-cornor, which makes it is available

for single PE coated paper and double PE coated paper.

It makes single-case paper lunch box after running the whole procedure of auto paper feeding,

heating (hot air, by hot air generator) and forming shape (seal the 4-corner of the lunch box),

auto transfer to the connection.

Easy exchange molds to make different size paper lunch box, take-away box, etc



NameAutomatic Baking Food Tray Machine
Paper materialsingle PE coated paper
Paper specification120 g~250g
production capacity40 piece/min
Total power2.5KW
Power supply220V
Air supply0.9 MPa
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